The Ultimate Online Coaching Platform Software Solution

Whether you are a business coach, life coach or transformation coach, when working with your clients online, the last thing you want to be dealing with is invoicing clients, playing email ping pong and wasting time in email threads trying to find replies.

You should not be using email to coach clients, answer questions or send invoices.

If you want to be taken seriously, then you need a coaching platform where clients can access your training and also receive your one-on-one coaching on a single platform. Ideally you want a single coaching software solution that takes care of your clients needs, while saving you money and time.

Online coaching software is a must-have tool that can automate all those time-wasting administrative tasks to let you do the important work as a coach - helping your client achieve their goals and grow. In fact, the right tool can streamline your coaching business and make it easier for you to effectively communicate and lead your clients to change.

Is A WordPress Plugin The Best Solution?

I am a huge fan of WordPress. It is the only website/blogging platform I use and recommend. Try as they might, Wix and Squarespace just can't compete. WordPress is the best opensource website software on the planet, but it is not ideal as a crm for coaches or a coaching membership site.

The WordPress Plugin Problem

The problem with WordPress is creating a coaching crm or member's area gets complicated because of plugins. Membership plugins can be heavy, causing your site to slow down,  need to be updated regularly and often conflict with other plugins.

 It is very frustrating wasting hours trying to get a plugin to work by individually turn off all your other plugins one by one to find the conflicting plugin. And if it is a plugin you need to keep activated, well, you have wasted your time and money on a membership plugin that you now can't use.

Building your own coaching membership site on WordPress using plugins and widgets is just painful.

Also, WordPress plugins are limited in what they can do. One plugin can't create a protected members area, allow you to create courses, accept payments, generate a members only forum, enable a private one-on-one coaching thread, run webinars and so on - you need separate plugins for each of these features Also

You are probably thinking no software can do all that, but the one I use does, and a whole lot more.

As coaches we know to invest in solutions and get help from people who are the best at what they do.  We know we can't do it all. And we know not to waste time on work that's not in our zone of expertise Introducing KLEQ, previously known as 10XPRO.

KLEQ - The Best Online Coaching Platform Software 

KLEQ is an all-in-one SaaS business coaching software solution ideal for coaches who run their business online. Whether you want to coach groups or coach one-on-one, KLEQ is the ultimate online coaching platform

With KLEQ you can:

  • Create online courses
  • Setup membership sites
  • Run live streaming Q&A sessions
  • Drip feed your content
  • Host a private members only forum
  • Offer One-on-One coaching with private chat
  • Use gamification, quizzes & assessments
  • Cross promote your coaching courses

All of this and more in one hosted coaching platform!

The Perfect Business and Life Coaching Software Solution

I use KLEQ for my combined business and life coaching membership site. I offer my clients an all in one package that includes courses, a member's forum, live streaming webinars and private chat coaching.

coaching platform solution

Easily Get Paid Without Invoicing

Create your checkout page within KLEQ and connect it to your Paypal and Stripe accounts, and then.......

online coaching payments

..... presto! You have your payment page. Say goodbye to invoicing and following up on payments from clients.

online coaching cart

Coach Via A Private Thread

Create a private coaching thread for each of your clients. Say goodbye ping pong emails!

private thread coaching

Offer Courses

No need to upload and share videos and files in dropbox. House your coaching videos and content in a private member's area that your clients can access anytime.

offer online courses

Go From Coaching One-to-One To Coaching One-to-Many

Create a private members forum to coach "en masse" and build a community.

Group Coaching Forum

forum software

Host Webinars

Offer weekly, fortnightly or monthly webinars.

run webinars

Your Coaching Membership Site

House all of the above tools and more in your own coaching membership site!

If you wanting business coaching software or life coaching software KLEQ has all the features and functionality you need to run a successful online coaching membership site on one single platform.