Create a Video Membership Site Fast

If you want to create a video membership site, without the hassle of dealing with WordPress plugins and paying for multiple subscription services then you should use what I use  - a SaaS online platform designed to make creating video courses and getting paid for them fast and super easy.

Backed up by a highly responsive support team and an owner who truly cares about his customers to the point of incorporating feature requests into his platform, KLEQ is a no brainer.

If you want to create video courses and house them in a membership site then go with an all-in solution that will take the hassle out of tech and dealing with WordPress plugins.

How To Make a Video Membership Site With KLEQ

record your videos

Record Your Videos

To record my videos I created a mini studio in my home office. I use a Logitech Brio web camera, a RODE podcaster microphone, a Neewer black/white double-side pop-out Muslin backdrop and two Neewer photography studio softbox lighting kits.

Edit Your Videos

To edit my videos I use Camtesia . I like Camtasia beacuse I can easly create that in circle bubble mask effect for my screen capture videos. 

Upload Your Videos To Amazon S3

Upload your videos to Amazon S3 or a video hosting service such as Wistia. For my course content I use Amazon S3 and for my marketing videos I use Wistia. Amazon S3 is incredibly affordable and is the best option for KLEQ. Wista is a video hosting service with customisable video player and a tonne of features for marketing. 

create course

Log Into KLEQ And Create A Course

Getting started on creating your first video course is easy with KLEQ. You just log in an go Online course and then click the "Create New Course" box

In Course Settings Name Your Course

In course settings give your course and name and description. Upload your course image and default header images. I made mine in Canva. It took me around ten minutes. 

course pages

Create Your Video Course Pages

Adding your course pages is quick and easy. Depending on the size of your course, you can ether create just one page to layout all your videos, or you can have multiple pages for the different modules of your online course. 

edit your course pages

Edit Your Video Course Pages

Within the KLEQ course page I outline my videos in blocks. 

Add Your Videos To Your Course Page

Adding your videos to the course page is a cinch. You just grab the video url from Amazon S3 or the embed code from Wista and copy paste it in. You can also add text, images and links to downloads under each video.

Put Them in Your Membership

House all your video courses in a membership site. You can have several levels of membership and grant members access to other features, such as a community forum, live or recorded webinars or a private coaching thread.

Select The Membership 

House all your video courses in a membership site. You can have several levels of membership and grant members access to other features, such as a community forum or a private coaching thread.

Create Your Sales Page

KLEQ comes with a sales page builder. It is a unique click and drop WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) page builder. No coding required. You just click the elements you want and write your text, add your image or insert your video url.  

Create Your Check Out Page

KLEQ comes with its own customizable checkout cart page. It is super easy to create and customize. Also, linking it to Paypal and Stripe is a very easy process taking literally just minutes your .With in less than 30 minutes you co

Promote Your Video Membership Site

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