"Many of us are in a constant pursuit of happiness, thinking that one day when our future arrives, the happy future we envision for ourselves, our life will be fulfilled. This is known as “destination addiction”.

If we are not careful this will result in us living in a constant state of dissatisfaction, falsely comforted by a belief that one day in our future we will be completely satisfied and happy. The problem is this day will never come. 

Ikigai provides an alternative to "the pursuit of happiness" free of the delusions of what we hope to gain from social validation, economic status or wealth. As an ikigai coach I've been helping clients find purpose and meaning in their day to day living. 

If you are stuck in life or struggling with your online business, I can help.




Worksheets and recording provided.


Do you want to pick my brain?

FOR WHO: This is for coaches and consultants who want an authentic understanding of ikigai.

A 2-hour Zoom session to understand ikigai in the context of Japanese culture. If the truth matters to you, and you want to move past the framework to a perspective truly representative and authentic to Japanese culture, then this ikigai session is for you.  

We will cover how to accurately define ikigai, and look at the work of pioneering researcher, Mieko Kamiya, the mother of ikigai.

I will also answer all your ikigai-related questions, and you can have the session recorded.


 Weekly 1:1 60 minute call and Ikigai Tribe app.

The Ikigai Tribe App

Do you want to 'find' your ikigai?

FOR WHO: This is for you if you are struggling with a lack of life direction or life meaning.

We live in a chaotic world, where we crave and pursue material possession, social validation, and success, thinking these things will make us fulfilled. In an era of unprecedented excess, we have never been more unhappy, unfulfilled, and alone. 

Having an ikigai mindset changes the game of life, where you focus on what is meaningful. We can work together to uncover what makes you FEEL life is meaningful.

If you're feeling a little lost, let's work together


Weekly 1:1 60 minute call and Ikigai Tribe app.

The Ikigai Tribe App

Want to build your coaching or consulting business?

FOR WHO: This is for business owners and entrepreneurs who are now coaches struggling to grow their coaching practice.

Are you sick of this hype and hoopla? Have you had enough of or cringe at mantras like; "Hustle", "Be the best version of yourself.",  'My zone of genius?' or 'Bring it on!"? Have you been sucked into this hype, but underneath know and feel it isn't you?

What if you let all that go and release yourself? What if you could fully accept who you are to focus on what really matters to you - coaching others with authenticity? What if you could become the coach that you know you could be?

If you want to move beyond the hype, the external, the superficial, and go deep to release your authentic self, work with me. I can offer you a different coaching experience - one that will shift your focus from what external influence has convinced you is important to focus on what feels important to you.