Are You Struggling to Find Meaning in Your  Life?

Is this you?

  • You sometimes wake up dreading the day ahead.
  • You feel alone and are afraid to talk to the people close to you
  • You struggling to make sense of your life.
  • You have everything you could want but are not happy
  • You feel something is holding you back
  • There is something important missing in your life

If this does sound like you, it is ok and these feelings and frustrations don't have to continue. Like you, I have gone through periods of uncertainty, confusion, and even extended bouts of depression.

These problems are directly linked to issues of values, beliefs, and life meaning. In short, it may be that you are not living or expressing your values, and are holding on to false beliefs. As a result, your life lacks a sense of both purpose and meaning.  

The Problem

We live in a chaotic world, where we crave and pursue material possession, social validation, and success, thinking these things will make us fulfilled.

Happiness has become a destination that we can only achieve once we reach a certain level of success or recognition.  In an era of unprecedented excess, we have never been more unhappy, unfulfilled, and alone.

The Solution

What if you let all that go, those false beliefs, and released yourself? What if you could fully accept who you are to focus on what really matters to you? What if you could freely express your values in your both personal and professional life? How would your life change?

If you are sick of the status quo, had enough of or waking up without motivation and energy, and instead want to wake up to a purposeful and fulfilling life, let's work together.

Release yourself the external, the superficial, and let's go deep to find and accept your authentic self. I can offer you a different coaching experience - one that will shift your focus from what external influence has convinced you is important to focus on what feels important to you.

Together we will uncover a life for you that feels worth living.

An Ikigai mindset offers you a way to be present, fulfilled, and motivated every day.

Nicholas Kemp

NICK KEMP  //  Ikigai Coach

Having lived in Japan for over 10 years and been married to a Japanese for over 20 years, I have experienced a culture that is focused on gratitude, simplicity, personal growth, and service to others. These are the little-known aspects of ikigai that have changed both my personal and professional life. 

Now that I have found my ikigai, and have studied the concept for several years, I can help you find yours.

Worth with me and discover how an ikigai mindset can change your life for the better.

Nick Kemp

What Does Ikigai Mindset Coaching Look Like?

1:1 Weekly Coaching

The Ikigai Tribe App

The Details:

  • A life audit
  • 4 Weekly 60-minute Zoom calls a month
  • Recordings of our Zoom calls
  • A dedicated App for Q&A, ( no email)
  • The Find your Ikigai Course
  • Coaching to uncover your ikigai
  • Minimum of 3 months

    Reach out and let's get started.

    step 1


    Book a call with me.

    step 2


    On the call we'll get to know each other and discuss the possibility of working together.

    step 3


    If we feel a synergy and have a clear direction with specific outcomes to work towards I will make you an offer.