Want To Do Something That You Love, That You Are Good At, That The World Needs and That You Can Be Paid For!?

First, you need to know that this is NOT THE IKIGAI concept.


Second, it is flawed formula for finding purpose in business and work.

Do you want to start an online business, but are afraid, confused and overwhelmed?

Have you tried to build an online business, but failed?

Want to escape the frustrations of chasing one online marketing fad after another?

If your answer is YES to any of these questions, then read on!

As an online marketer, I’ve created and launched several 6 figure online businesses over the last 10 years selling information and educational products, an, web design and SEO services, consulting services and coaching.

I’m going to reveal to you how to create an online business that will not only generate you a life freeing income, but one that will also give you a sense of satisfaction and joy you've never experienced before in your work life.

What is Purpose?

Do you really want to build a business doing something;

-  Is not about doing something that you love. It's about a solving a problem or creating change.

- It is not about doing something that you are good at.  It is about creating the opportunity to allow others to flourish.

-  It is  not about "what the world needs."  It's about building a community by creating a tribe.

- And, it's not about what you can get paid for. It is about how many lives you can impact.

Then build a business based on a personal mission.

Build a Business On Your Personal Mission

What Is Your Personal Mission?

If you want a real sustainable business that will give you a deep sense of purpose and fulfilment, then creating a business to fulfil your personal mission is the answer.

This is concept that Japanese entrepreneurs use - they call it Kokorozashi.

In business, Kokorozashi is the change you wish to create - your unique business vision you wish to crystalize.

It can also be described as your "leader's mind", where you lead your tribe to help them motivate themselves to achieve their goals. 

With a Kokorozashi you are more likely to succeed because you are building a business aligned with your values, where financial success is not the focus or your business, but the by-product of the leadership and service that you give to your tribe members.



Define your kokorozashi - a personal mission that unifies your passions and skills as a coach to create positive change in society.


Develop your unique leadership style - a style that is true to who you are, and lead your tribe to positive change.


Build a tribe of "1000+ true fans" who will support and share your vision and happily part with their money to buy your products and services


Build a team that will make your online presence flourish to allow you to focus on the work that matters to you as a coach.


Create content; podcasts, videos, blog posts, and social media posts that engages with your target audience and builds your authority.


Create products such as ebooks, courses, memberships and coaching programs that will satisfy the needs of your tribe. 

Kokorozashi - the heart of the warrior. 

In ancient times, a samurai’s highest purpose was his Kokorozashi. Today in the modern business world, Kokorozashi means "personal mission". 

Kokorozashi is real concept that Japanese businessmen and entrepreneurs develop and nurture. Books are written about it and some universities offer MBA programs that require students to develop their kokorozashi.


know the world

Understand Your World

Understand the needs and deires of the people you wish to serve.

know yourself

Know Yourself

Uncover your unique talents and develop the skills that will serve as your core identity and tribe leader.

Develop Your Kokorozashi

Establish your personal mission - an online business that occupies your thoughts and makes you excited to wake up each morning. 


Build & Grow Your Business

Build an online business and grow it as you lead your tribe.

Forget The Fads, Create Something Real!

You have seen those Youtube videos, right?  The ones selling "the laptop lifestyle", the drop-shipping business, the Amazon FBA business.  Videos of schmucks pretending to be on holiday as they run a business from a laptop. They have beaten the rat race and now only work a few hours a day, and wake up to money in the bank - their business basically run itself without a hitch.

What a load of garbage!

The funny thing is, most of these lifestyle marketers have no marketing presence at all - no website, no blog, no podcast, no Youtube channel. They just have one marketing video trying to sell you an unrealistic dream - that you can make lots of money by basically doing nothing.

Complete B.S!

Some of them are flogging courses they haven't even created. And in their marketing message they are not transparent - they don't tell the whole story, They sell you an easy dream, instead of telling you the reality of what it take to establish a real business.

Building a business takes commitment and hard work. You'll need to push yourself outside your comfort zone and take on challenges. You'll also have to invest in yourself with business training and coaching. 

That's what I am offering you - business training and personal support so you can build a real business, one that is aligned to your values, that adds value to the world, and makes you an income.

I'm going to be honest with you - it won't be easy. There will be challenges. You will have to step out of your comfort zone, take risks, and put yourself out there.......,

but if you are willing to stand up and take the initiative to learn and develop your Kokorozashi, it will be worth it.


In business there is nothing more satisfying and rewarding than doing something you are truly passionate about in the service of others to generate a life freeing income.

I do this, and so can you!

The Kokorozashi Business Course

Discover Your Kokorozashi

Get clarity on your personal mission - the online business you wish to build.

Understand Your Market 

Understand the needs, wants and desires of your market in order to validate what will become your business.

Choose Your Business Model

Choose a business model that will best deliver your kokorozashi - coaching/consulting, online course, a membership site, group coaching, or a combination of these.

Create Your Offer 

Create your offer first - a counter intuitive approach to lead generation and understanding your market.

Build Authority Fast

Build trust and an audience, your future tribe members, using a media aligned with your talents and skills.

Create Your Product or Service

Create and deliver your product or service fast on a digital platform.

Launch Your Kokorozashi Business

Launch your product/service.

Build Your Tribe

Build your tribe and lead people to create positive change. 

What Is The Training?

Kokorozashi is an online course accessible in the Ikigai Tribe Membership. After join , you will be able to log in to an online dashboard, where you will have access to:


The Kokorozashi Course: Video training on how to build an online business based on your personal mission


The Ikigai Course: Video training on how to find your ikigai and optimise your life.


Forum: An exclusive members only forum where you can share your wins, ask for help and support other members.


Monthly Webinars: Monthly webinars covering marketing topics and Japanese philosophies such as: kaizen, wabisabi, naikan, productivity, podcasting, SEO and more.


Private Coaching:  personal coaching from me via a private chat to answers your questions 


Nick Kemp  //  Ikigai Coach

One of the most rewrading things you can do in life is to find your ikigai. Mine is helping people free themseleves of the 9 to 5 grind so that they can create a meaning business that helps others.

Nick Kemp

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