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Discover Your Ikigai And Purse Your Kokorozashi - Your Personal Mission! 

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What is the Ikigai Tribe?

Ikigai Tribe is an exclusive online community for ikigai seekers and people wanting to take control of their work life.

The community is designed to help members in two specific areas:

  • with your life satisfaction and inner potential - your ikigai
  • and with the pursuit of your personal mission, via an online business - your kokorzashi.

Think of Ikigai Tribe as a powerful small social network that offers members digital training, private coaching and community support to help you find your ikigai and build your own online business based on your personal mission.

Find Your Ikigai and Transform Your Life!

Wake Up Excited

Wake up every morning feeling excited to start the day, go to work and contribute to society.  

Have Good Health

Have more energy, live longer and be healthy and active into old age.

Feel Happier & More Satisfied

Find pleasure in the small joys of life - moment to moment, day by day. 

Reduce Stress

Eliminate stress, anxiety and negative thoughts..

Become More Creative

Regularly reach states of flow and creativity in both your work and hobbies.

Find Purpose

Achieve your goals and find more success in you life.


ikigai kanji

Then what is Ikigai?

Simply put, IKIGAI indicates the source of value in one's life, the things that make one's life worthwhile.

In a nutshell, Ikigai is a spectrum, that can include the small meaningful things that make your day go on to life defining goals. 

On a deeper level IKIGAI is essentially the process of cultivating your inner potential and that which makes your life significant. It is a universal human experience that we all desire.

What is Kokorozshi?

In ancient times, a samurai’s highest purpose was his Kokorozashi. Today, in the modern business world, Kokorozashi means "personal mission"

Kokorozashi is real concept that Japanese businessmen and entrepreneurs develop and nurture. Books are written about it and some universities offer MBA programs that require students to develop their kokorozashi.

The Korozashi Framework


Why Join?


The Ikigai Course

Discover the true meaning of ikigai and learn how you can apply it to your daily living to find purpose and meaning in each day.


The Kokorozashi Course

Learn how to build a successful online business based on your personal mission.


Digital Training

Instant access to video content that covers ikigai psychology in depth, and the different aspects of building and running an online business.


Live Monthly Webinars

Live monthly webinars covering marketing topics and Japanese philosophies such as: kaizen, wabisabi, naikan, productivity, online marketing, podcasting, web design, conversion optimisation, SEO and more.


Community Forum

Access to a managed forum where you can ask questions, share wins (and frustrations), and offer support to other community members.

private thread

One-on-one coaching

Receive one-on-one coaching via a private thread with community founder Nick Kemp. You'll can get tailored advice relating to starting or growing your online business, and coaching to help you find your ikigai.


If you are wanting to crush it, hustle, shoot for the moon and chase the bling, then Ikigai Tribe is not the membership for you.

Ikigai Tribe is a membership designed to help you:

  • find your ikigai, 
  • and build a meaningful business, based on a personal mission, where financial success is a by-product rather than the sole focus of what you do. 

If you are wanting to find meaning and purpose in daily living, cultivate your inner potential, help others and make a difference in the world, no matter how small, then Ikigai Tribe is the membership for you. 




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