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Moai means "meeting for a common purpose" in Japanese.

In Okinawa, Japan, small social groups called “moai” are formed in order to provide members social, financial, and spiritual support and assistance with health problems.

Traditionally, groups of about five to seven young children were grouped together with the intention to create a lifelong circle of friends who would support each other into old age.

Today, Okinanwans who are part of a moai are more likely to liver longer, be happier and experience less daily stress. Moai members make a life long commitment to each other to be there in good times and bad for each member.

As a solopreneur or online business owner you most likely work by yourself, perhaps with a small remote team. While an online business offers freedom from the rat race, it can be isolating when you have few people to bounce ideas off, seek advice from and celebrate wins with. 

​Being part of an online community can give you the opportunity to connect, support and learn from other likeminded individuals and help propel your business to new heights.

And if you are starting your entrepreneurial journey or want to discover your ikigai, then being part of this online moai will get you where you want to go faster. Ikigai is said to be contagious, and if you are part of a community of people living and celebrating their ikigai, it will encourage and empower you to find yours.


Join Ikigai Tribe - Your Online Moai

What is the Ikigai Tribe Community?

Ikigai Tribe is an exclusive online community for solopreneurs, online business owners,  coaches, wannaprenuers and ikigai seekers who support each other via a forum.

The community is designed to help members in two specific areas:

  • with your day to day happiness and health - your ikigai
  • in the pursuit of your personal life mission/an online business - your kokorzashi.

Think of Ikigai Tribe as an online Moai, a powerful small social network to offer you support with your online business and daily well being.


ikigai kanji

Ikigai is a Japanese philosophy that incorporates ‘reason for living’, ‘self-actualisation’, ‘meaning of life’, and ‘purpose in life’, When you have ikigai you are living in the 'here and now and have the desire to move forward towards your life goals. Ikigai is understanding that the sum of small joys in everyday life results in a more fulfilling life as a whole.  

Japanese ikigai Veen Diagram



Kokorozashi is your personal mission - the change you wish to create in the world.  It's where your passion and talents meet in service of your tribe or community, to bring about an impactful and positive change in society or the world.


Why Join?


Ikigai Course

Discover the true meaning of ikigai and learn how you can apply it to your daily living to find purpose and meaning in each day.


Kokorozashi Business Course

Learn how to build a successful online business base on your personal mission.


Digital training

Instant access to digital training that covers different aspects of running an online business and healthy living based on the Japanese concept


Live fortnightly webinars

Live fortnightly webinars covering Japanese philosophies and marketing topics such as: goal setting, life design, productivity, kaizen, wabisabi, naikan, Japanese diet habits, mindfulness, decluttering, online marketing, podcasting, web design, conversion optimisation, SEO and more.



Access to a managed forum where you can access content, ask questions, share ideas, and offer support to community members.

private thread

One-on-one coaching

Receive one-on-one coaching via a private thread with community founder Nick Kemp. You'll can get tailored advice relating to starting or growing your online business.

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