DR.  KATHARINA STENGER ‧ Online Psychologist and World Traveler 
FRANCIS CANTRAINE ‧ Professional Master Coach & Coach Trainer


Environmental health coach

I am really happy to share with you my thoughts about the Ikigai tribe coaching program certification. There is so much to say!

First, I would like underlying the high quality of the content which is delivered by Nick Kemp. This program provide valuable information from high qualified experts and researchers. I have to say that Nick put a lot of care and energy in building such a huge amount of content.

That brings me to the second point that I want emphasize. Nick’s skills as an empathic coach. I have rarely met someone as sensitive as Nick. Nick shows remarkable human values. Thank to his personality traits, we were able, as a group to develop a deep-level communication. Each week we were meeting, having intimate and meaningful discussions about life and ikigai.

I would finish with all the pleasure I had to discuss with people who share the same concerns. I really find my Ibasho in Ikigai Tribe Community.

If you want to know what Ibasho means, I assume that you guess you know what you have to do 😉

Omaima Mohammad


Ikigai Tribe Coach

Dr. Katharina Stenger - Ikigai Coach

I started the Ikigai Coaching Program with Nick in November 2020 and it changed my life. As a scientist and a Japan-lover, I was very interested in Nick’s online program, as it combines aspects of Japanese psychology and philosophy.

Before I began my journey with Nick and the group, I felt a bit stuck, especially in my job as an online counsellor. I wasn’t sure about my next steps in the business world during these uncertain times. I thought that becoming an Ikigai Coach would be a great opportunity to combine my interests and to learn more about living a truly meaningful and authentic life. And I was right!

Nick’s coaching program transformed my insecurity about my future into pure excitement. I felt welcomed and valued as a member of the Ikigai Tribe from the very beginning, and I enjoyed every group webinar. The webinars provided a pleasant learning atmosphere and Nick made sure that all his coachees were able to grow — inside and outside of the group. In the webinars, he answered all of our questions and gave us a safe space for discussions and epiphanies.

Considering the content of the program, Nick included all the important topics on Ikigai history, teachers, scientific studies, books and exercises. Between the group webinars, we received homework, which allowed us to dive deeper into the subject of Ikigai. Moreover, Nick provided us with excellent podcasts, 1:1 calls, videos and forum discussions to expand our knowledge even further.

To sum up, Nick is an inspiring mentor who teaches his group in a highly professional way. I’m very grateful that I went on this exciting journey. The new experiences and the knowledge I gained in the coaching program gave me clarity and purpose. I can proudly say that I found my Ikigai on the day I started becoming an Ikigai Coach.
Thank you, Nick!

Dr. Katharina Stenger ‧Online Psychologist and World Traveler 

Caitlin Kight

Nick is an immensely knowledgeable and supportive instructor who created a learning environment in which participants felt comfortable asking questions, sharing insights from their own contexts, and discussing often quite profound personal experiences. As a result, we learned not only about ikigai itself, but also how it could manifest in, and change the lives of a range of different people. 

This was a unique, enriching, and incredibly rewarding course, and I feel grateful to have been able to enrol!

Dr. Caitlin Kight ‧ Senior Academic Developer, University of Exeter

Shintaro Kono

Nick is very caring, patient, and honest with his work on ikigai. He cares about this concept, understanding it deeply and sharing his insights with the world. He patiently listens to many ikigai experts. He creates authentic learning communities about ikigai. I have been blessed with knowing and working with Nick.

Dr. Shinatro Kono ‧ Assistant Professor, Alberta University and Ikigai Tribe Guest Presenter.