Generate Hundreds Of Online Leads With Thrive Leads

Thrive leads is WordPress plugin which allows you to easily collect email addresses (leads) from your web visitors by creating attractive and eye-catching option forms, lead boxes, popups and light-boxes across your site.

Before we get into how Thrive Leads works, and how you can use the plugin to generate hundreds of leads, let’s talk about why you are building a list of prospects in the first place.

Why Are You Building A List?

To market your products and services, right? WRONG!

You are building a list to create trust and build a long term relationship with your prospects. If you are thinking you are building a list for only money, then your internet marketing career or business will be short-lived.

But Isn’t InThe Money Really In The List?

I’m sure you have heard “The money is in the list!” from many a web guru and wannapreneurs. While this statement is true, what you need to consider is the kind of list you want to build - one that you nurture, or one that you’ll abuse.

My rule when emailing my subscribers is simple. I ask myself

Is this email serving their interests or mine?

Your relationship with a prospect really begins when someone subscribes to your list, not when they buy one of your products or services. When a web visitor subscribes to your list, it is their first commitment of trust in you, in essence, they are taking a leap of faith with you. You don’t want to destroy this trust with emails that servers your interest over theirs.

Once someone subscribes to your list, you want to nurture your relationship with that prospect by making sure every email you send them genuinely serves their interests over yours. If you do this, when you do have something to offer, again that serves their interests, the goodwill and trust you have built up should go a long way to them wanting to invest in what you have to offer.

The Money Is In The Trust That You Build With Your List

Now that we know it is the trust that you build with your list that's important let's get started on building a list of subscribers with Thrive Leads.