Richard Murfitt

I work with big hearted, successful people, who despite their success have a constant and underlying feeling of a void – a sense of uneasiness, emptiness and foreboding, see that their lives lack true meaning, they can’t quite put their finger on what’s actually missing, and their greatest fear is that they will never fulfil their true purpose and potential.



I have experienced the same void in my 20s and 30s which took me on an epic journey to self-actualisation and enlightenment. My life purpose was revealed to me in an awakening experience in 2018. My purpose is help other people to rediscover their life purpose and to live The Big Life. It is my gift to give, my inherent superpower and no-one does it better than I do, because I believe that this was my unique mission I was assigned when I was born.

My higher mission is to raise the consciousness of humanity so that everyone is living from their authentic life purpose and expressing from their true nature. I believe heaven is not waiting for us after we die. It is available to us here and now on Earth, if only we self-actualised.

As a coach, mentor and consultant, I have also worked extensively in the corporate world, with over 25 years of experience mastering the meaning and purpose for iconic brands like BA, O2 and Just Eat. Vision, mission and purpose-building has always been my innate superpower.
Through The Big Life community, I offer people 1:1 and group mentoring programs who share the same vision for humanity and also want to self-actualise and live powerfully from their authentic purpose. My mentoring approach is neither intellectual nor philosophical, but highly experiential. I empower you to progressive roll back all the mental blocks and unconscious programs that have covered over your purpose, mission and true nature. In a fun way, I call it ‘unlearning’. The more you let go of who you think you are, the more you will experience who you really are. This is becoming The SuperYou.

I currently offer 3 mentoring packages - The Big Life Breakthrough, The Big Life Reinvention and The Big Life Mastery. I use the concept of Ikigai to help people draw out their unique purpose and mission and manifest more fulfilling lives.