A Book About the Art of Shodo

With years of experience, Rie Takeda came up with her book on shodo, which aims to be a helpful guide for anyone interested in shodo.

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A great resource for shodo practitioners

Nick: So who did you write the book for? Who was your ideal reader in mind?

Rie: Well, all my students. And also, I thought, more like calligraphy teachers and also shodo learners worldwide, who tried but struggled to get clear insight of shodo and mind and body connection in this art form. 

So everybody who is interested in learning the art form, but also the mindfulness aspect. I want all of them to understand, or to get a certain career view.

Nick: So it can be a resource for teachers of Shodo. It can be a guide for students of shodo. And I guess it could also just be ideal for someone interested in understanding what goes into the practice of shodo, and who's interested in 10 amazing words we'll talk about later. Makes for a great Christmas present, maybe.

Rie: Oh, yeah. Perfect timing, right.