Being Honest About My Deepest Feelings

Nick Kemp shares how he got emotional while writing his book, how he was able to share his deepest feelings through his writings, and is happy to share with his readers the experiences he encountered in Japan.

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Sharing genuine experiences through Ikigai-kan.

Caitlin: You know, I think that these are things that we often feel, we often kind of feel them personally. 

But we don't always feel comfortable articulating those sorts of things, because of the vulnerability because you think, oh, I might sound kind of silly, you know, whatever it is, we often hesitate to just open up our mouths and say that kind of thing.

And in the moment, and I'm curious, what is it like to share that sort of thing with the whole world now listening and reading, when you are being very honest about your deepest feelings?

Nick: Yeah, it gets me quite emotional. Actually, when I decided to write the book, I thought, right, if I'm doing this, I gotta let just show it all. And whatever happens happens. So I kind of thought, I've got to do this in order to write the book. 

But I do get emotional thinking about these things and thinking about the idea of sharing them. But I also feel very privileged and grateful for the people and all the experience I've encountered in my life in Japan.

So I have been so many things. In writing this book, that I remember, like, I've been reminded of all these amazing experiences. And yeah, Japan has given so much to me. So just to share it with other people it's like a source of ikigai for me.

And yeah, I've really built intimate relationships and made new friends by sharing this knowledge. So it's really special.