Connecting Goals To Values

Are your goals in line with your values?

When putting up an objective, we must also consider that it is in line with our values; we must think of things that matter and would give us satisfaction rather than opting for a lofty goal that is not meaningful to us. How do we set clear goals?

Dr. Shintaro Kono discusses how people can achieve goals consistent with their authentic values.

Nick: I've thought about this a lot recently. I think that the way we set our goals, it's almost there's a quality to how you set a goal.

Because like last year, I set a goal, I want to do 100 podcast episodes by the end of this year, and then I started to rethink, if I did that, I might end up compromising the podcast.

Because maybe I have guests on who maybe would be interesting, but they're not really related to ikigai concept and that could end up being, you know, I have a few episodes that really aren't that interesting or not really related to what the what the podcast is about. 

So now I've reframed the goal thinking, I'm going to make the podcast more focused on ikigai, and I'll have researchers and authors and for each episode I'll go for a really meaningful conversation.

So that means I've got to prepare, I've got to respect the guest and I've got to prepare notes. So I think that's a far better goal than me just saying well, I want to have 100 episodes by the end of 2021.

Shintaro: I think that's a really good example again. You're gonna have this clear goals but at the end of the day, you need to connect those goals to what you're valuing, keiken. 

Evaluate experiences right now and evaluate experiences where the value is coming from it's your personal values, you have this standard in yourself like each one of us.

Whether it's a good kind of standard or not really a good kind of standard, we all do to an extent, we need a compass that we have for our life. 

Now if our goals are shallow and superficial, you know, 100 episodes, triple digits sounds good, but then you may find it later difficult to connect each of that process of creating podcasts.

And really the entire thing to project strongly and deeply to the goals between that experience and goal. So really, it's important to have goals that are consistent with the authentic values that we really care about, I really care about this.

Maybe we need to ask ourselves this:

Okay, so what you set this goal, whatever new year's resolution or whatever that might be, but so what? I want to go to the gym, so what? Really going to gym is not really important, what I want to do is maybe become healthier, or become more active, become stronger, then actually going to gym is not that core to that goal.

So you need to clarify what you really care about.

Nick: Thank you Shin for saying that, that's what I think I was getting at, having clarity on your goals should be strongly connected to your values. 

This is something I talk about in ikigai, it's probably easy for us to experience ikigai if we are living our values, and if we're in conflict, or we're forced to compromise our values, then ikigai will be elusive.