Connection is My Ikigai

Is having connections essential to our ikigai? Through connecting with others, we learn and build meaningful relationships. In the case of Miku, she shares how her fondness of connecting with other people became a source of ikigai for her.

Nick: I was thinking about this. I imagine, for you, teaching Japanese both privately and on YouTube is a source of ikigai for you. So is that how you feel?

Miku: Yes, it is. I love connecting with people by doing what I'm doing, and I met so many amazing people through this project.

So that's, that's the blessings that I got. Whether it's my students that I'm teaching online or people who are doing the same kind of thing on YouTube, whom I met through “Miku real Japanese.” 

I feel so happy when I get to connect with them. Because if I didn't start this, I wouldn't have met them. I wouldn't have learned from them. So yeah, connection is my ikigai, I'd say.