Discovering Ikigai through Helping and Gratitude

In this video, Masayuki Matsubara reveals how he feels his ikigai through the simple pleasures of life. Whether it's heartfelt conversations with his children or offering help to others and being appreciated for it, he finds profound fulfillment and purpose.

Finding purpose in life’s small moments

Nick: I know this is kind of strange for you, because Japanese don't ask questions like what's your ikigai? Or what does ikigai mean to you?

So it's probably a bit unusual for you to think about these questions, but in your life now, apart from work, and web design, and music, are there any other things that come to mind that are sources of ikigai for you? What gives you ikigai?

Masayuki: Well, ikigai. So, as I told you, I realise that the purpose of life, ikigai, is to find small joy in daily life and be moved by them. Ikigai is when I, for example, when I talk to my children, see a beautiful sunset, create beautiful websites, and when my clients are happy with my work.

And in my opinion, humans are designed to feel happiest when they help others and receive appreciation, as well as when they witness the beauty of nature or human creation.

Nick: Well, on that theme, you certainly helped me a lot when we worked together. And we just didn't work together, we have this friendship. So I have a lot of gratitude for what you did for me, and I know at times I was this emotional mess. I'd be struggling with life, with the school, or living in Japan, and I'd often be quite emotional to you.

But yeah, you were this constant in my life that you helped me at really important times in my life. And I agree with you, ikigai involves helping others and having gratitude for what others do for you. So thank you for all that you did for me while I lived in Japan and even afterwards.