Discovering Ikigai Tribe: Uniting Enthusiasts of Japanese Culture

What makes the Ikigai Tribe unique?

Ikigai Tribe is a community that unites individuals with a keen interest in Japanese culture, particularly the concept of ikigai. It serves as a platform for people to share their insights and thoughts on this fascinating concept from Japan.

Creating connections among individuals

Nick: It's strange, because I was introduced to the word back in 1998. When I first, or not when I first went to Japan, like on my third trip to Japan, very casually. And then 20 years later, you've probably heard this story, I saw the Venn diagram, and I thought, I remember that word but that's not what it means, I think.

And then, that inspired me to really research the concept. And yeah, I keep bumping into these amazing people online who graciously come on to the podcast and have these really meaningful and engaging conversations. So it's been life changing for me.

Waki: You know, when when we first came across your Ikigai Tribe thing, we're just doing Google search as well, and was like, Ikigai Tribe, what is that? And you’re Australian, right? This Aussie guy running this Ikigai Tribe, defending the Japanese. I was like, what is it?

Nick: Yeah, it's a bit strange, I'm always a little bit worried, that, Oh, who's this Aussie guy, you know, maybe profiteering from ikigai, or, I mean, certainly not culturally appropriating.

Waki: I think you understand ikigai much better than a lot of us. And I think you're doing a fascinating job of connecting all these people who are interested in ikigai. So you're at the center of the hub. And I think your work is great.

Nick: Well, thank you. That means a lot. Yeah, it's true joy, I never imagined I'd be talking to all these people across the globe on this fascinating concept that's articulated by this one word, and it is unique. And that's what makes Japanese so fascinating. They have hundreds of words like this, that articulate our way of thinking, or philosophy, or psychology. And yeah, ikigai is one of them.