Discovering the Works of Mieko Kamiya

Some people aren't aware of Kamiya Mieko and her contributions to the concept of ikigai. Hence, joining Nick Kemp's ikigai coaching program helped Kary and Chloe discover Kamiya's works.

Karly Christ shares how Kamiya's works can be helpful for expats like them, especially her 8 ikigai needs.

Applying Kamiya Mieko's 8 ikigai needs can be helpful for the expat life.

Nick: So what was it like for you guys to discover Mieko Kamiya? I often refer to her by the Japanese convention of surnames and first names. Yeah, so what was it like to discover her work?

Karly: I think you're right, Nick, she does deserve a spot as one of the mothers of positive psychology and perhaps, having lived during the time that she lived, it's a result of her time period.

I like to think that maybe if she was around today, she might get a little bit more recognition than she gets because she was such an incredible woman. The accolades and the accomplishments that she had throughout her life were incredible.

And going through your certification program and learning about the needs that she developed in her research of working with lepers was just so wise, so in touch, and so able to articulate the human condition in a way that really gets at what our spirit and our soul and a person needs in order to lead a life that's satisfying. 

The way she was able to do that, that was so encompassing to life's diversity was so impressive, practical, and tangible. And the way that she was able to discuss it, we can connect with, and it's not overly philosophical. 

And I think that when I learned about her eight needs of ikigai through your program, I thought about it in the context of my life and of my first move when I moved from New Zealand to France, and that loss of ikigai that I experienced, that loss of ibasho, and the solitude that I had, and I feel like if I had known about her work, and I had known about these needs, it maybe would have changed everything for me. 

And I think that's one of the reasons why Chloe and I with vibrant ikigai, we love to work with expats, because the needs, discussing these needs in the context of the expat life is so pertinent, and so helpful for people who are in the situations that we're in.