Getting Into Naturopathy and Health

From one unfulfilling job to conducting a business that brings her a sense of ikigai, Mayumi Kojima shares how she got into naturopathy and health.

An opportunity to learn something new

Nick: Let's talk about what you do. So how did you get into naturopathy and health?

Mayumi: Thanks for asking me that. I started studying naturopathy in 2015. Prior to that, I was always working in tourism and hospitality industry in Cairns, as you know, it is one of the best tourism sites maybe in Australia.

But anyway, I was very unhappy. If you ask my partner he will tell you how much whinging I do every day. Also with the previous marriage as well, the relationship was falling apart. So I think combined with the relationship and the work, the satisfaction toward work wasn't really fulfilling.

Unfortunately my relationship ended, but in the meantime, I saw that opportunity to study something new. And one of the local magazine called Connect Magazine, you can pick up from the cafe or shops in Cairns, and I picked up the magazine and I saw naturopathy, the advanced naturopathy study.

I thought, oh, wow, I was always interested about health and looking after my well-being. And there I was, I enrolled myself to study naturopathy.

Nick: Nice. And look at you now, you have your own business, yes?

Mayumi: Yes, small size, but yes, I am.

Nick: That's awesome. So I have a lot of admiration for people who do their own business, especially in a country where they're there not from. I think there's all these extra challenges. So that's amazing.

Mayumi: Thank you.