How I Found The Real Ikigai

One of the aspects of ikigai is having meaningful relationships, just as how Nick and Motoki Tonn found each other and built meaningful connections because of their same interest with ikigai.

Motoki shares what sparked his curiosity about ikigai and how he ended up finding Nick's website, Ikigai Tribe, which helped him learn more about the authentic definition of ikigai.

Nick: We did connect with the word ikigai, and that's how we sort of found each other. So how did you come across this word? Was it something you remember from your childhood? Or was it something you learned in the media? On a website?

Motoki: Yeah, it's interesting, I had to recall that myself. I think like everyone, I would say, as I stumbled upon ikigai and stumbled upon Andres Zuzunaga's purpose diagram, the Venn diagram. 

I know I've been even writing about it that I'm not sure about if this the real ikigai or not because the relationship to something that you can earn money from, kind of, you know, was for me dangerous to connect to purpose and the question of meaning, and I was really writing that like, behind the scenes of ikigai, or some funny articles, writing there. 

And that's how I found you, basically, and I was so thankful. I think you were just about to switch your complete website and your business model a little bit from how to do the coaching certification. I was amazed. 

I really found that thing that is helping me here, because I was really not getting it. So there was like another, let's say, potential misuse of Japanese tradition and philosophy, and all this stuff. I was just picking out the literature. Obviously, Ken Mogi, this was something resonating with him and there's neuroscience, and there's creativity and flow into it. 

But until that, I didn't know about Mieko Kamiya. I didn't know anything. And that's how I found you. So you have been really my segue into the real ikigai. I have to say thank you, Nick, for all your work, all the years.

Nick: My pleasure. Thank you. That means a lot to me. So I'm glad we have this mutual relationship of helping each other.

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