How to Develop Our Kokorozashi (Personal mission)

How can one develop a self-defined kokorozashi?

Tomoya Nakamura believes that kokorozashi is closely related to leadership; for people to realize their kokorozashi, they should be the most passionate about it and take initiative so that their passion will transcend other areas of their work or lives.

Kokororashi is about intrinsic motivation

Nick: With this idea of kokorozashi, how does one develop a self-defined kokorozashi that benefits society, what's the process one needs to go through?

Tomoya: At least in our MBA program, we make students make a presentation of what he or she wants to achieve, kind of like a starting point. Because you have shared your kokorozashi in front of your classmates, he or she would start speaking to close friends, maybe bosses, clients.

Let's say, I want to be a bridge between Australia and Japan, for example, and that will lead to more connections, more contacts, more business opportunities. And we are kind of encouraging students to take actions when the opportunity comes.

Of course, they have hardships or challenges along the way but, if they can overcome the fear, we believe, to the second mountain that they should aim for, and eventually to a kokorozashi.

Nick: So there seems to be this requirement of synergy with people and with that comes the importance of leadership. I know that's an important aspect. And kokorozashi is leadership in a way. Would you like to talk about that?

Tomoya: Kokorozashi is about intrinsic motivation. He or she needs to take initiative and we believe that passion or energy transcends from a higher person to a lower person. 

So if you want to realize your kokorozashi you should be the one who is most energetic, most passionate about it, and it won't come without your internal motivation. That's why we think it's closely related to leadership.