I Hope Ikigai-Kan Reaches a Lot of People

Nick Kemp shares that he wishes for his Japanese friends to read his book and hopes that he presents an accurate definition of ikigai. Moreover, he wants his book to become a legacy for his son.

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The one person whom I hope to read my book is my son.

Caitlin: So what about then, again, thinking of audience, if you could send a copy of your book. And I know you've got your first print run that's gone through, you've got a box sitting there with you, if you could send one of those to anyone, and they would be able to read it. Who would that be? Who do you really want to be able to read your book?

Nick: Yeah, I thought about this. I mean, it would be cool if my parents could read the book, but they're both no longer with us. So that's a bit unfortunate. Because I think, by writing this book, you really do reveal your innermost thoughts, who you are. 

And it would be very interesting for my parents to maybe read this and they'll discover a side of me they didn't really know existed. I would actually love for my Japanese friends also to read the book.

So if the book were to be translated, I would love to see their reactions. And I'd hope that I've been accurate and respectful to the themes and to their culture. I guess the one person I would hope would read my book, of course, is my son.

But maybe I better give him a copy and a few more years, he'll read the book. So that'll be interesting. And I guess I want to send the book to all the people who have contributed, because so many people have contributed, and be my way of sort of saying, thank you.

So yeah, I hope a lot of people read the book. But I guess if it's one person, hopefully my son.

Caitlin: Well, I'm sure he'll get there. Even if he doesn't appreciate it now, it will come around.