Ikigai and Happiness

How do we achieve happiness?

For Nick Kemp, it is essential to be present for us to value the joy of other things -- to appreciate life more and feel a sense of ikigai.

Nick: What you mentioned before, the three things, that's something that Ken Mogi, who wrote the book The Little Book of Ikigai, so he touches on the joy of little things.

This aspect of appreciating just small things, and he has five pillars of ikigai, but one is the joy of little things, and another one is to be in the here and now and I think you can't appreciate the joy of other things without being in the here and now. 

I think you need to be present to appreciate life more. It doesn't have to be big things. Happiness is another misunderstood thing,  I think happiness is just this fleeting moments of joy. 

And I guess life satisfaction is what we could say is something that we want to try and feel throughout the day as long as possible. If we're fortunate, every now and then, we have these fleeting moments where something happens where it makes us laugh or smile.

But to try and pursue happiness and be happy all the time is just unrealistic. Ikigai has become a massive sort of endeavour for me to understand, share and to continually research so I'll definitely look into ikigai and laughter.

Dean: Yes, we're excited to conduct the research, it is going to be fun anyway.