Ikigai Needs for Expat Life

Karly and Chloe share that amongst Kamiya's 8 ikigai needs, expats experience change and growth, and need of freedom the most. Because living the expat life means being open to changes, and through those changes, people can experience growth. Moreover, living as an expat means more freedom -- freedom to choose the life you want to live.

People can find ibasho by engaging themselves in different activities.

Karly: I wanted to just say one quick thing, because I feel like we're talking a lot about how hard being an expat is and the loneliness, and all the things that are difficult, and how we have to kind of go the extra mile to meet these needs as expats.

But I think that there is actually one of the needs that we as expats have, a little bit handed to us, and that comes very easily and that's the change and growth. 

I think we're always having the carpet pulled out from under as we're constantly growing from these experiences that we have, almost whether we like it or not, and we are we're constantly out of our comfort zone, which we know is really important for feeling ikigai in our lives, and we of course, the more we are focused on being proactive in that change, in that growth, the more beneficial that will be.

But even just our circumstance alone, as an expat, kind of hands us that ikigai need, and we grow immensely, as we live the expat life.

Chloe: Yeah, and there is another need like that, that really comes easily to expat. It's the need of freedom. Because when you have to create a life away from your long lasting ibasho, all the expectations that come with it, you know, from your parents, your family, the people around you, the society in your country, it can really give you a strong feeling of freedom, like of power, like you can really do anything, it's like all new. 

So you're here living abroad, creating your new life and your new ibasho, you can create a life really for yourself. You get this feeling of independence and also the feeling that you can create the life that you want that has meaning for you, and that is aligned with your values. 

And I think this one comes, it's just really the essence of being an expat and I think if you talk to any expat they will all feel this feeling of freedom -- of creating something new.