Information sharing: A satisfying source of ikigai

Information sharing can also be a good source of ikigai. Through it, people can communicate and share their knowledge on topics that interest them. One good example is using information sharing to deal with difficult times. Nick and Yazdan Mansourian discuss the help of information sharing during trying moments and how it brings people together and can be a great source of ikigai.

Information sharing can bring people together.

Nick: This is fascinating, because I think your paper highlights how hobbies or serious leisure, and also information sharing can often be life affirming, and a very satisfying source of ikigai. 

And I imagine some people really do live for their hobbies, it is the thing that they care about most. Because there's this social context of ibasho, and there's this idea of tanoshimi, that it helps you get through the struggles of life. 

And if you're unfortunate enough to be dealing with a crisis, it really helps you get through that. It's interesting how my community really took off during COVID; it created the conditions for me to create this virtual ibasho, Ikigai Tribe, and it has really changed my life. 

You have made me realise that all I'm really doing is sharing information. But it is so meaningful. And this is why I love doing podcasts. I get to interview people like you who've taken care and time to study a very niche aspect of information sharing amongst bonsai growers, but you incorporate these themes of ikigai, tanoshimi, and ibasho.