Intrinsic and Extrinsic Value

Sometimes people tend to focus more on extrinsic value, especially now that people get engaged more with social media. However, these extrinsic values are limited, not something that will give us life meaning. In this case, Nick Kemp explains why it is essential to focus more on intrinsic values: anything that offers a sense of satisfaction.

The importance of seeing things of intrinsic value.

We should see things of intrinsic value, and we should be cautious that anything that's extrinsic is limited. And as you said, it might happen quickly, but it won't bring us these, I guess, it won't bring us the things we're truly seeking.

So if you're truly seeking a sense of satisfaction or life meaning or that we can find our place in the world; your money, fame, are very same as they have this instant high, but seem to come with quite a few problems.

But unfortunately, where the media is pushing us for these things: to be successful, to have a lot of money. Social media too is an interesting one.

It certainly has some positive aspects, but at the same time, if you're worried about people, you don't even know whether or not they're liking or sharing a photo? That's a bit. It's cause for concern, I think.