Is Now Meaningful To You?

What are the things that you value at the moment? If you're struggling to find meaning in your life, you're probably lacking something significant. Nick Kemp shares what we need in our life to make it meaningful.

We only experience life in the now.

Is now meaningful to you? I think it was the author, Eckhart Tolle who said: “We only experience life in the now.” All of it, every moment can be only experienced in the now. We can certainly reflect on our memories and we can have things to look forward to, but our whole life will only be experienced in the now. 

So back to this question: is now meaningful for you? If it isn’t, it might be because you’re not living or expressing you values, you feel that you’re being perhaps held back or you’re holding yourself back. 

Maybe you lack a sense of purpose and maybe you haven’t dedicated yourself to a cause or something bigger than yourself, and maybe you don’t have many meaningful relationships. 

I would guess that if you felt that now is significant or now is meaningful, you have those things: you have meaningful relationships, you have a sense of purpose, you’re dedicating yourself to something bigger than yourself. 

Another point, how can we make the most of living in the now? Well, we need to be present, and one way to be present is either to do things properly or to do them to the best of our abilities. 

So if we’re in a conversation, we can control the urge to talk over someone and listen. If we’re doing daily chores, we can try to do them to our best ability. 

So if you’re struggling to find significance and meaning in the now, feel free to reach out to me and maybe we can work on that. But for the moment, try to be present. Try to do most things to the best of your ability.