Japanese Culture: A World Treasure

With its rich culture that has been developed over the centuries for the tradition, Randy Channell Soei describes Japan as a "world treasure that everyone can enjoy," which can be proven by the number of people from different countries showing their interest in Japan.

Do you agree? Would you consider Japan a world treasure?

Nick: And finally, you describe Japanese culture as a world treasure that everyone can enjoy. And yes, I'm in agreement with you.

But what, what makes you believe that just being in Japan for so long, and realizing there's so much to learn from Japanese culture, or is this something else?

Randy: Yes, that for sure. But also the expressed interest of people from overseas in Japanese culture. Like Of course, I mean, Kyoto, and up until just recently, it was the mecca for tourists.

There were many people from all over the world who would come and all of them expressed this interest. A lot of people come to Japan, Kyoto.

It's interesting, though, a lot of people see Japan as this cultural, historical enclave, but really, Kyoto's a very forward looking city. If we take the tea ceremony, for example. Back then, it wasn't a historical traditional thing.

It was something that was new and avant garde, so the Kyoto people are always looking to the future. 

And so, but the culture of it is something that has been developed for the tradition, it is something that developed over the centuries. And so of course, to protect that tradition, we have the grand tea masters and the families that are protecting the tradition.

But even then, we're looking forward, like I said, In 1872, we developed this tea bowl for foreigners. And so that was at the time probably, well, what are you doing, you know, kind of avant garde again, there.

So yes, it's something that is taken into consideration. But I think that at the end of the day, the spiritual, I don't like the word, but the philosophical side of Japanese culture appeals to a lot of people from different nations.

And that's why there's such a great appeal for it. And it's something that I find, of course, going in depth into it, I can experience it a bit more, but I can see the fascination with it for people that are just being introduced to it. For the first time.