Navigate Through Changes

How do you handle change?

Another genki habit that Misako Yoke came up with is: navigating through changes. In life, change is inevitable; rather than being afraid of all these changes, we should see them as a way of learning and discovering something new, not only with things around us but also with ourselves.

Misako shares the beauty of being a learner and navigating through changes.

Misako: Then 'N' for navigate through changes. That is very important. One really important element you need to remember is that every time when you start something new, you are a beginner again.

So you cannot expect to be good at anything when you start something new. I was in shock when I started travelling by myself outside of my home country. My first country was Australia in Sydney, and I couldn't order coffee.

Somehow I said coffee, please I thought, but I got two coffees. It was puzzling why I had two coffees. I don't really know why. I was so discouraged. I didn't know the idea of navigating through changes. It's okay not to be perfect every time. 

When you grow up in Japan. You can navigate around Tokyo, Yokohama, nice big Metropolitan, no problem, but once you get out of your country, you don't have to take off your shoes? That was big.

You stumble and you get frustrated, but you have to give yourself permission. It's okay. If you didn't give permission, you wouldn't be walking when you were a baby. How many times does a baby struggle to just stand up? So you have to remember.

Nick: This is a good point Because a lot of people are afraid of change because they think well, what if I stuck up? What if I embarrass myself? Life will throw things at you and you have to change.

As you say you've got to navigate through these changes to keep moving. Especially when it's something new and it reminds me of the Japanese idea of the Shoshin “the beginner's mind."

The concept that if you approach things from a beginner's mind, then you're accepting that, well, I'm new to this.

Misako: That's a good phrase. I'm new to this.

Nick: Yeah, it's okay if I make mistakes, and obviously, with the change, you grow as a person.

Misako: Exactly.

Nick: You need this approach of going to navigate through changes rather than fear and let my ego do the talking.