Passion for the Art of Filmmaking

How can one uncover or identify their passion for something?

In this video, filmmaker Yujiro Seki shares what ignited his love for the world of filmmaking.

Enamored with the process of filmmaking

Nick: How did you discover your passion for filmmaking? Was there a particular film that inspired you to study cinema and filmmaking?

Yujiro: Well, it was a little bit of a coincidence and a little bit of a discovery at the same time. I was doing theater when I was in high school, and one day, I saw my senior, somebody who's older than me, a senpai.

Senpai made a film about the summer kids trying to look for marijuana or something. Kind of weird for high school students, but you know, they were kind of serious. And frankly, I was unimpressed. I thought I could make something more interesting.

And I decided to make a comedy detective film, and it was a feature film. It was very difficult to make for high school students. Back then, we didn't have a lot of technology, and it was not easy to edit. But I finished it. And I fell in love with the process of filmmaking.

So you know, my actor friends and I got together and made this film. And I really discovered my passion. I thought, if I want to study cinema, I should go to the United States. That was like a naive thought back then — because, you know, United States and Hollywood.

Kind of an A-list way of thinking, but that's what I was inspired for. And ever since, my dream was to make a movie that inspires people.

Nick: Well, you certainly did that with Carving the Divine.