Search For Meaning

Are you searching for meaning? To have meaning or a sense of purpose is essential to our lives. It will help us to keep going amidst the hardships that we encounter. How can we achieve a meaningful life?

Nick Kemp shares how people can find meaning by contributing to the life of others.

The idea of meaning and value: finding significance in our lives.

I think maybe Kamiya and Frankl both write this that: out of suffering, we can find meaning. Sometimes suffering does give our life this epiphany or our most important discovery of meaning or sense of purpose. 

It is a field of anthropology. Gordon Mathews, who wrote a book, What Makes Life Worth Living. He did a study on 52 Americans and 52 Japanese on the ikigai concept for his dissertation, then it became his book. 

But I think I do recall when I first read, Search For Meaning, whether it was an article in reference to Viktor Frankl and I thought, we're searching for wealth, we're searching for happiness, we're searching for fame, but we should be searching for meaning.

And that was very inspiring that idea of meaning – meaning and value. These themes of contribution, expressing your unique imagination. And the significance – this idea of significance is not be ego-driven. But we do want to have this resonance. 

Yeah, some way to relate and feel that we have meaningfully contributed to the lives of others. And we could keep talking about all this. But I mean, that's something you do. You do contribute to the lives of others in your work and your companies and your start-ups.