Taru wo Shiru: Know that You Have Enough

Do you find satisfaction with the progress you have made?

In this video, Sachiaki Takamiya introduces Taru wo Shiru, a Japanese practice that emphasizes living within one's means. He explains how finding satisfaction in your personal progress and dedicating time to foster the growth of others is crucial.

Finding contentment in your personal growth

Nick: You touched on hara hachi bun me, this idea of eating 80% full, and that's become quite popular, this expression, ‘eat until you're 80% full.’ But you mentioned another expression, Taru wo Shiru. So what's Taru wo Shiru?

Sachiaki: Taru wo Shiru means satisfied with your own lot. So once you are comfortable with your growth, don't seek further growth. So in a way, it’s kind of similar, once you reach 80%, and you kind of stop there. You don't need to reach 100%.

But in today's world, many people try to grow and grow and grow. They think growth is always important. Once you reach to one level, then you need to grow further. But for me, once you're comfortable, then maybe you move to the next phase of helping others to grow or working on your other areas of life.

So just limit the growth and then be satisfied with your own lot is Taru wo Shiru. And in fact, if everybody practice Taru wo Shiru, then the world will become more sustainable. Because we can sustain the wealth or comfortable level for each individual. But we cannot sustain the planet if a few people want to gain so much wealth, that's impossible.