Teaching The Japanese Language

How did YouTuber Miku end up conducting Japanese language lessons?
Miku shares how her passion for learning languages enriched her life and opened an opportunity to help others who want to learn the Japanese language.

Nick: So you really seem to thrive when you're teaching. I can see your personality, and you just seem like you're being your true self. That's probably why you're so good. What's interesting is you focus on intermediate level speakers who want to become fluent. 

So really, I'm probably close to your ideal students. I think for me, your videos are just so helpful and what I need. So why did you decide to focus on that niche?

Miku: So the reason why I started all this is because language really enriched my life. Like I said in the beginning, it changed my life. It opened so many doors for me, and it connected to so many amazing people that I love in my life. 

And that's the reason why we learn languages, right? We don't learn languages to learn to say, “this is a pen,” right? We learn in order to talk about different ideas, or we learn to, we learn languages to share, share our ideas or perspectives. 

I'm sure that people who are learning Japanese want that, they want to connect with people using Japanese. There are so many resources for basic Japanese learners, but I really saw the need to teach intermediate and advanced Japanese learners because they want to jump from beginner to intermediate, but that's where they hit the wall. 

So I wanted to help those people who really want to use Japanese to connect with Japan or Japanese people, or who have Japanese family members there. So that's the reason why I focus on that level or niche.