The Golden Circle of AI and Ikigai

Kouji Miki explains the 'Golden Circle of AI and Ikigai,' suggesting that through AI, individuals can enhance productivity, reduce work hours, and create opportunities to pursue ikigai, ultimately leading to a more fulfilled life.

Having a richer and more fulfilled life

Nick: With this idea of AI, leading to this explosion in work productivity, and this increases leisure time. This gives us this opportunity to explore and maybe find more ikigai. You've actually come up with a model or a framework, and you propose the concept of the ‘Golden Circle of AI and Ikigai.’

So would you like to explain what that is?

Kouji: As I mentioned, if you use generative AI, our productivity goes up very dramatically. And also, you have much more leisure time. Then, how to use your leisure time? You're focusing on your ikigai like me, in my case, I held international conference every year, I use generative AI to my Zen 2.0 project.

And your ikigai project is very efficient and very impactful for the society, too. So I feel much more satisfaction with my ikigai project. And you'll be richer, richer and more fulfilled. This is the circle of AI and ikigai.

Nick: Yes, and you've created a graphic. So we'll put that on the website. So yeah, this makes sense, because time is the only one resource, we're constantly losing. We have limited time. It's very hard to create new time. But as you're sharing with us, AI gives us this opportunity to use our time more productively.

Kouji: I have many opportunity because I wrote my book in Japanese, and translated it by using DeepL. So I wrote my book in English by using generative AI. So that's the reason why you contact me.

Nick: Yeah. So it worked. So it was very well written—the article was very well written. I actually use DeepL, too, to translate from English to Japanese. In a way, they're just tools, very intelligent tools. But they're incredibly powerful. I'm thinking a tool when it's improved, you or I on our call, we could make a course on something, a course on ikigai, and then that could be translated into 20 languages.

Kouji: Actually, I'm trying to make a shorter video of my school.

Nick: So you can reach more people in different languages. That's a big step. That's a significant step on reach and connection. And what's interesting is, it looks like you're speaking that language because the video morphs your mouth and sounds very natural, too.

Kouji: They’re really trying to stimulate my voice and my movement.

Nick: Yeah. So I was very shocked when I saw you speaking English fluently.