Understanding the Importance of Looking After Ourselves

As a naturopath, Mayumi Kojima's passion lies in connecting with people, which is crucial for fostering well-being. Prioritizing both physical and mental self-care is essential for this purpose.

Influencing others positively

Nick: Let's go a bit deeper into your work, you write that taking care of ourselves allows us to have the energy and positivity necessary to support and influence others by prioritizing our own well-being, we can positively impact those around us.

So I interpret this as prioritizing self-care. So this self-care that leads to more social ikigai and purpose in our lives. So am I on the right track?

Mayumi: Yes, I think so, too. Thank you so much for asking me this. And this is one of the biggest passions as a naturopath, before naturopath as a person. To connect with people was a very, very important.

And in order to connect with people better, and also to create a positive ripple effect, it's one of my passion too, as a practitioner. So keeping our well-being, starting off with the physical health, that's tangible, you can sort of feel it and then easily sort of recognize, and mental emotional beings can be a little bit tricky.

But I wanted to connect with people, the clients, as a naturopath, I always talk about the whole well-being not just about the physical, but starting with physical. Because when we are happy within ourselves to optimize well-being we can influence others positively. So that's one of the reasons why.

Nick: I think that's really important. We need to get good sleep and eat well and exercise. So we have that energy to help others. And yeah, when we're not looking after ourselves to get stressed, maybe we get moody. So it's really important that we have self-care in our lives.

Mayumi: Yes, absolutely.