What Ikigai Can Do

Through his fascination with Japanese culture, Nick Kemp discovered his ikigai, which eventually led him to meaningful changes in his life. He was able to connect with amazing people and build a community that shares a passion for Japanese culture; resulting in the idea of the very first Ikigai Summit.

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Your life can radically change

Nick: I can’t believe it. If I think about my life, 3, 4 years ago, so different. I was just building websites and doing SEO, really frustrated with this life. You know, I was unfulfilled. And then yeah, serendipitously, I guess the universe conspired to nudge me towards ikigai. 

And it really connected me back to Japan. And here I am talking to you, we’re about to put on a summit, I’ve spoken to all these people. So yeah, your ikigai can radically change your life. 

If you told me 4 years ago, we’ll be doing a summit, and there’ll be all these speakers, authors, and researchers involved, there’s no way, absolutely no way I would’ve believed you. So you’ll never know.

So I hope the summit gives people that opportunity to maybe follow something they care about, that’s meaningful, that’s connected to people. And your life can radically change, to the point where you’ll be shocked.

So yeah, it’s amazing what can happen when you pursue ikigai, and it’s meaningful. But also, there is a challenge to ikigai sometimes. We’ll probably discuss that in the summit, but it’s also overcoming adversity and resilience. 

Obviously those things that Viktor Frankl wrote about. Obviously his case was extreme. So yeah, it’s gonna be fascinating.