Who is Ikigai-Kan For?

If you are interested in Japan and want a deeper understanding of its culture, then IKIGAI-KAN is for you. Nick Kemp shares that his book is for those who want to learn more about Japan; for those who wish to understand ikigai deeply and sees it as more than a Venn diagram.

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IKIGAI-KAN is for people who have a strong interest in Japanese culture.

Caitlin: Let me ask them kind of a follow up question. So you just spoken a little bit about the folks whose ideas you've incorporated here. 

What about the people that you anticipate reading the book? What sorts of readers? Did you picture in your mind's eye? Who was your audience that you were trying to trying to reach?

Nick: Yeah, this is an interesting question. Because I remember being strongly advised that you should have one reader in mind, it must be very specific, you must know their age and if they're married and single. 

And that was interesting for me, because of okay, I've really got to think about who my reader is. But at the same time, I thought there was a broader audience. So in the end, I decided to have both an ideal reader and a broader audience.

Believe it or not, my ideal reader was actually someone just like you. So I went through this process and thought, well, my ideal reader, she's female, she's academic, she's well read, culturally aware, someone who knew there was more to ikigai, and just the Venn diagram, that there was more to it than these romanticized views.

And someone who values the truth, and wants to see the whole picture of cultural aspects. But also, I knew, because ikigai is such a fascinating and almost loved concept, I thought there would be a large audience.

And that would include pretty much anyone who has a love for Japan, who loves the Japanese people and has a strong interest in Japanese culture.

Caitlin: Well, obviously, I've already said I did enjoy the book. So you did a good job with your targeting. I think you're right. I think it is something that's very accessible to and interesting to other folks as well. 

So I'm sure there will be a wide range of listeners who will also want to follow up, even if they don't have all those criteria.

Nick: I kind of feel... not bad. I mean, I don't want to sound like it's only for academics who are smart. But that was what I was encouraged to do. You know, you've got to be very clear in who you're serving with the book. 

But I do think this is one thing you're not meant to say as an author -- my book's for everyone -- because that kind of would suggest you haven't really thought about who you're writing for.

But I do think it's for everyone who loves Japan, and wants to know more about the culture.