Zen Eating Helps Calm a Busy Life

Nowadays, many people eat poorly because they feel stressed or anxious. Momoe suggests that Zen eating could be a solution and offers practical steps for integrating it into daily life.

Build a better relationship with yourself through Zen eating

Nick: So it sounds like this Zen eating is a solution to a lot of our problems where we're eating on the go, we are very compulsive, and then we don't chew properly. And then because we don't chew properly, we don't even taste the food properly, and then we probably over eat.

So do you think Zen eating is a solution to these bad habits or this fast lifestyle we live today?

Momoe: Pretty much so, yes. And I'd like to break down into three steps again. So first, if you realize, if you notice that you do binge eating, or you have anxiety, that's the first step. And I'd like to encourage you to be aware—acknowledge, and embrace the fact that you could pay attention to that realization.

Instead of blaming yourself, having anxiety is not something that you blame yourself. But be aware, and embrace that fact. The second step is take a pause and to listen to your body, your body is amazing, your body has intelligence, your body has wisdom. So ask your body what your body needs now. And so that you can connect with your internal wisdom.

And trust your body a little more, so that your internal wisdom will guide you to the place that you need to be. And third step is be playful and be curious. Whatever you experience, some negative feelings as well, negative emotions as well, that's something that you can be curious with—what is happening inside of me?

And you can be playful later on, maybe having those difficult moment. So, I think these three steps can build up this relationship with yourself and other surrounding environment by practicing Zen eating. So you can apply it in this way in your life as well. As a result, I think internal transformation may change your choice and behaviors. Yes, it will be a gradual shift, but yet a radical shift.