Most of us are living lives of quiet desperation and frustration. And we have been brainwashed into thinking we'll find happiness in wealth, success and from the approval from others. 

Living in Japan taught me that we can approach life differently. We can have ikigai.


The Japanese word ikigai is often translated to 'your life purpose'. Ikigai can encompass your life purpose, but the word is usually used to indicate the things that make one’s life worth living.

On a deeper level, ikigai refers to the emotional circumstances under which individuals feel that their lives are valuable as they move forward towards their goals.

Finding Ikigai is the processes of cultivating your inner potential as you actively pursue what you enjoy doing in service of your family, tribe and community via your life roles


Ikigai Tribe is a small community of ikigai coaches; teachers, psychologists, business coaches, empowerment coaches, university professors and trainers who serve their personal community using the ikigai concept.

We don't take a fist pumping, chest beating, self help guru nonsense of "sucking the juice out of life" to have anything and everything you want. 

Instead of the ra-ra tactics of feeling good about making dramatic life decisions, setting near impossible goals and then announcing them to the world, as Ikigai coaches we approach life and our work with the Japanese spirit.

"It is the Japanese spirit to pursue something in a subdued but sustained manner, rather than, in flamboyant fashion, seek short-lived satisfaction of momentary needs." - Ken Mogi