Wanting more than just a motivational speaker?

Are you looking for a keynote speaker who will not only move your audience and inspire change, but deliver a different perspective on life, work and happiness?

Give your audience a break from the fist pumping, chest beat, self-help guru nonsense and offer them something unique, a journey to what makes life worth living, with a keynote on the ikigai concept.

With both awe inspiring and confronting stories, cultural insights and accurate knowledge on the ikigai concept, your audience will experience a range of emotions and walk away the with tools to make significant positive change in ther lives both personally and professionally. 

Move away from your run-of-the-mill motivation speaker and give your audience something that will challenge their perceptions on purpose, freedom, self-actulisation and meaning.

Nicholas Kemp - The Ikigai Coach

Nicholas Kemp

Nicholas Kemp is a father, husband, Japanologist, solopreneur, speaker and author of IKIGAI-KAN: Feel a Life Worth Living. He is the founder and head coach of Ikigai Tribe, a small community of educators, psychologists, coaches, and trainers who serve their personal communities using the ikigai concept. 

A week-long trip to Tokyo in 1977 at the age of five left a lasting impression on Nick that would eventually see him return to Japan eighteen years later. After being awarded a one-year restaurant management traineeship with one of Japan's largest restaurant chains in 1995, Nick fell in love with Japan (again) and ended up living there for 10 years.

For the past 5 years Nick has dedicated himself to the research and study of ikigai,interviewing Japan's leading researchers on the concept, hosting the world's first Ikigai Summit, writing his own book, and creating the world's only evidence based Ikigai Coach certification program.

Ikigai goes beyond these misconceptions and involves daily rituals, living your values, building intimate relationships, fulfilling your life roles, engaging in activities with a sense of purpose, expressing your creative self and pursuing a life goal with a healthy sense of urgency.

Nicholas Kemp ‧ The Ikigai Coach


You don't want your keynote speaker misinforming your audience with romantic notions and appropriated westernised interpretations of ikigai.

Be concerned if your Ikigai Keynote Speaker proposes the following Western appropriations:

  • Ikigai is the sweet spot of a Venn diagram
  • Ikigai is a concept and way of life from Okinawa
  • Ikigai is the secret to a long an happy life
  • Ikigai means you never retire
  • Ikigai is your bliss

If your keynote speaker, an "expert" on the concept, is peddling the above, it means that they aren't even aware that what they are presenting is factually incorrect and nothing but westernised romantic notions of the ikigai concept. 

While these above ideas might seem inspiring on the surface, they are at best, Western romantic notions that offer nothing practicable or actionable to your audience.

You' will be hiring someone misinforming your audience. They should have no place on your stage.

Beware of Pretenders


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