The Ikigai Podcast

Ikigai insights to help you find meaning, purpose and joy in your life!.

The Ikigai Podcast

The Ikigai Podcast explores what ikigai means to the Japanese in a series of interviews with Japanese professors, authors, experts, and people living their ikigai.

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Nick Kemp has created a platform for understanding the real meaning of IKIGAI as it is understood and practiced in Japan.

Nick has not only lived in Japan, but has gained access to masters, craftsmen, and thought leaders in Japan who provide a fresh and genuine understanding of the real meaning of IKIGAI. He has tapped into one of the essential treasures of Japanese culture and made it so accessible to English-speaking audiences.

William Reed TEDx Speaker, Documentary Commentator, Author, Professor at International College of Liberal Arts (Kofu, Japan), Aikido 8th-dan, Calligraphy 10th-dan.

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