Andrea Yildiz

Once having adapted to their role as a mother, many professional women wish to start their own “business of the heart” instead of going back to their old jobs.


However, the amount of information on how to start your own business is overwhelming making it challenging to know what to do first. Where do you begin?



In the last 25 years as a marketing and branding expert I have found that too many companies (business owners/entrepreneurs) make the mistake of not establishing their true brand core -  a brand based on their values and what they want their business to stand for. Without your brand core, marketing is difficult: What do you stand for? What do you want to be known for? Why should people work with you or buy your products?


Knowing all these answers creates the foundation for your business. Once established, everything else follows. Plans become clear and decisions become natural/easy. Once you know your core, it works as a seed for the growth of your business.

Understanding the Japanese perspective of the ikigai concept and my experience of masterminding with Nick's network of experts has provided an even deeper approach to my proven branding strategy and coaching tools for small businesses.


I’m so thankful to have found such a beautiful way to help women start their second career with an alternative perspective on purpose, life meaning and creative expression. If you want to experience this yourself, I’m happy to guide you through your rebranding process. Establish and express your business vision - one that resonates with your values, strengths and your very own Ikigai.


Let’s start your branding journey today. Contact me directly or book me for an ikigai session on the ikigai coach page