Many of us are in a constant pursuit of happiness, thinking that one day when our future arrives, the happy future we envision for ourselves, our life will be fulfilled. This is known as “destination addiction”.

If we are not careful this will result in us living in a constant state of dissatisfaction, falsely comforted by a belief that one day in our future we will be completely satisfied and happy. The problem is this day will never come. 

Ikigai provides an alternative to "the pursuit of happiness" free of the delusions of what we hope to gain from social validation, economic status or wealth.

As an ikigai coach I've been helping clients find purpose and meaning in their day to day living. 

If you are stuck in life or struggling with your online business, I can help.


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ikigai coach

“I have had a love affair with Japan ever since I first visited the country at the age of five. Some 40 years later my relationship with Japan has never been more intimate. The older I get the more I seem to discover how unique, beautiful and wise the culture and people of Japan are.

It was in 1998 when I returned to Japan to teach English that I was introduced to the most amazing word when a co-worker asked me what my “ikigai” was. I hadn’t heard the word before and was astounded to discover that the Japanese language had a single word to encapsulate one’s reason for living.

Twenty years later, after stumbling upon the Westernized “Ikigai Venn Diagram” it became my personal mission to correct the misunderstood perception of ikigai and share with the world what ikigai means to the Japanese. The information on this website and in my Ikigai Ebook is what I hope is the most accurate and honest representation of the Japanese concept of ikigai”



Any coach teaching the below framework as ikigai has no idea what the concept is. They are just regurgitating what they have seen online.  Ikigai is not a framework of doing something that you love, that you are good at, that the world needs and that you can be paid for. It is not a destination or lofty goal to achieve, but rather the beginning of a life worth living.