Marianne Berendse

Do you recognise that nagging little voice that tells you something essential in your life is missing? A voice that you can’t deny no matter how much you try?

That keeps asking questions like: ‘Is that all there is to life?’ or: ‘How can I make my life more fulfilling for myself and others?’ 



Many of us have a feeling that they don’t live the life they really want. They feel stuck.

If they had a chance they would choose differently, even when it all looks good on the outside 


During the last twenty years I coached many people that found themselves at a crossroad in their lives. They had to make an urgent choice that would define their future. I found out that unlocking their Ikigai and visualizing their destiny helped them enormously to make the right choices and literary free themselves.

Finding the right path

Finding the right path to inner freedom is a precarious enterprise with many uncertainties. 

  • For youngsters choosing the right study. 
  • For people in their late thirties who want to make a major career change.
  • For successful managers, tired of the constant pressure of their money driven job, who consider a radical change to a more value driven enterprise. 

And for all those people who listen to their inner voice and try to find out how they can live a more autonomous day-to-day life, both personal and professional. 

Coaching for purpose

As a coach I help them to make the choices that feel right for them, often via visualizations and the deeper questions that arise from it. From an abundance of playful yet serious exercises I choose the ones that help them step by step to literally envision their destiny.

My Ikigai

Long before I got acquainted with the principles of Ikigai, my coaching circled around concepts like purpose and destination. 

So, becoming a certified Ikigai coach was perfectly in line with my previous experiences, knowledge, and skills. It deepened my understanding of what it takes to live a meaningful life true to your authentic self. And consequently, it helped me to investigate my own Ikigai. I consider my Ikigai as a force that has always been part of me, as a promise, a lingering desire, a hidden source of energy. 

By unlocking my Ikigai I realized in hindsight how it helped me to make the right choices at the crossroads of my life. And it offered me a clear view of my path ahead. Needless to say, that it added precious value to my coaching skills. 

Let me be your guide

I experienced many times that unlocking your Ikigai has its consequences. Yes, without a doubt your life will change. And no doubt you’ll find yourself on new territory with all the uncertainties that come with it. 

That’s why a reliable guide who been there before is indispensable. So, if you decide to truly listen to your inner voice and are ready to take the first step into a new and promising direction, I will be ready to sincerely listen to you.