Rajesh Rajasekharan

Presently a Cyber Security Consultant specialising in Identity and Access Management domain. An Engineering graduate in Computer Science Stream from Bangalore University, India. Deeply interested in Psychology and holds a Master of Science degree in Psychology from the University of Madras and is NET (National Eligibility Test) Qualified (Psychology).



Among other leisure pursuits, reading and writing stands prominent, mostly around Spiritual topics and has won three National level awards for annual essay competitions on three different occasions (between 1997 - 2007) conducted by Sahaj Marg Research and Training Institute (SMRTI). He has self-published his autobiographical account, titled "Soliloquy", an effort at expressing gratitude to everyone who played pivotal roles in his make-up.

A great deal of travelling has put him in contact with people from different walks of life, offering profound experiences mostly, helping him learn humility in the process. Travelling for lectures on emerging technologies representing some of the best Computer companies to an audience across the globe has all been life-changing experiences.

The time spent reading and absorbing the literary works of numerous spiritual leaders and legendary Psychologists has helped him connect with all human beings quite well. Being an eternal student of Psychology and a sincere spiritual aspirant, Rajesh is on a perpetual pursuit to serve humanity in all possible ways, at all times.