Rajul Kaushik

I am concerned with the hardships and stress that people go through in their lives which leads to unhappiness and troubled relationships. I intend to empower individuals with my knowledge of IKIGAI and coach them to lead happy and fulfilling lives.


REGION: Online | NOIDA, NCR - India

As a life coach with over 15 years of experience, I've explored the stuff that really matters—values, beliefs, and the meaning of life. In a world that often pushes us to be what others expect, I've noticed many folks facing a kind of ongoing struggle to figure out who they really are.

My coaching style goes beyond the usual. I see that whether you're an executive, manager, homemaker, or teenager, you're more than just your title. My goal is to guide you back to what truly matters—your core values and beliefs—so you can break free from societal pressures. I'm all about helping you be the most genuine version of yourself.

In our coaching journey, it's all about commitment and engagement. Together, we work to grow and find balance and meaning in your daily life. Drawing on my 20+ years of experience, I bring in simple practices like mindfulness, meditation, Sanskrit mantra chanting, sound healing, and Vedic astrology.

These tools, rooted in ancient wisdom, help you discover your Ikigai—where your passion, vocation, mission, and profession all come together. Let's make your life more authentic and fulfilling, blending timeless Eastern wisdom with modern coaching.

Let’s embark on this journey of lifetime together!