Shirley Rivera

I support folks through human-centered interplay, where they are seeking to make sense of their lived experiences so that they can better understand themselves while serving their workspace and creative pursuits.



I seek to help people navigate their transformation toward self-discovery and awareness through the Japanese cultural context of ikigai, habits formation, frameworks and systems, and improv philosophies and practices.

I am more than my Chemical Engineering background. I am an Air Quality and Energy Consultant, a Behavior Designer and Tiny Habits® Coach, an Ikigai Tribe Coach, and an Improviser and Applied Improv practitioner. I have been immersed for more than 30 years in navigating the workspace as well as owning my own business, expressing fairness and justice for those that may not feel like they belong or matter, and choosing paths that have been considered unconventional yet fulfilling.

I provide support through various mediums, e.g., coaching (one-on-one, group), consulting, courses, webinars, workshops, and writings. I understand how our behaviors are tied to our habits and most importantly our beliefs and values – core values are a foundation of one’s ikigai.

And I believe that I am part of a larger movement happening in the world – folks making sense of the world around them and their place in the world.