Veejay Madhavan

I am a leadership and people development professional, organisational culture strategist, executive coach, and mentor. I worked in the financial services industry for over 25 years and filled this very role across various jurisdictions for a large UK based MNC. 



After over a decade and a half as a senior corporate leader and a CEO, I embarked on pursuing my Ikigai and reinvented myself and started OULBYZ - a Gen Z-focused people and development consulting firm. 

During my corporate career, 25% of the managers I worked with were 25 or younger. My experience in different environments has allowed me to take an iterative approach to helping people embrace what life threw at them. This has taught me to adapt to different markets and appreciate the cultural nuances. This is critical in connecting each and every one of us to the values that shape they way we see life and influence the various roles we play.

Since 2015 I have pioneered programmes, coached and mentored more than 50 millennial and Gen Z leaders find their identity as originals. Through this process, I learned that by giving them a safety net allowed them to express themselves, they began to find their authentic self through celebrating their small wins, and the path to fulfillment of paying the deed forward. Through this experience I became the forever student, appreciating that purpose is a journey, not a destination.

I believe that giving the next generation psychological safety and providing them with a platform to express themselves is an effective way to facilitate personal growth. I believe that by sharing my own path to discovering my Ikigai, I can pass the baton on to the next generation at an earlier stage, helping them live meaningful lives in an ever evolving world.