Vibrant Ikigai Coaching with Karly & Chloé

“Have the courage to look deeply within yourself and get comfortable there. Be curious and begin to uncover and understand the things that make you vibrate. And when you find them, enjoy them, live them, be them. Ride the glorious wave of ikigai.”



Arriving in a new country presents itself with particular challenges to our state of well-being. Kamiya Mieko, the mother of ikigai, identified eight needs that must be satisfied in order to have a strong sense of ikigai in our lives. As expats, we lose many of these needs when we move abroad and must then work from scratch fulfilling them in our new homes.

Knowing and working through these eight needs is a game-changer for the way you show up in your expat life. Pursuing your ikigai helps you build self-awareness, gain clarity about your life direction, and embrace your daily joys. It helps you build the kind of life you want to live no matter where on the globe you land.

As seasoned expats, we know very well the ups and downs that come with living this different kind of global life. And as certified NLP coaches, we support expat women using the ikigai philosophy so they too can show up confidently and joyfully in their lives abroad.

Let’s start your ikigai journey and illuminate your path to a happy expat life. 

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