Vibrant Ikigai Coaching with Karly & Chloé

“Have the courage to look deeply within yourself and get comfortable there. Be curious and begin to uncover and understand the things that make you vibrate. And when you find them, enjoy them, live them, be them. Ride the glorious wave of ikigai.”



Using the authentic Japanese philosophy of ikigai - or what makes life worth living -

we give you the tools for building and sustaining a more vibrant and fulfilling life. 

We help you build self-awareness, gain clarity about your life direction, and embrace the joys in your daily living.

We use this concept because we know what it feels like to have a strong sense of ikigai, and what it feels like not to. We believe understanding, knowing, and pursuing your ikigai changes everything

Embracing this beautiful Japanese philosophy with every breath, we are compelled to share it with women in the world so that you too can live an empowered life with a strong sense of ikigai.  

At Vibrant Ikigai, we offer French and English coaching services to all women looking to live more purposeful and dynamic lives - wives, mothers, career-changing professionals, ex-pats, trailing spouses, those wanting to go deeper in their personal development…

Living a purpose-driven life that is vibrant and fulfilling is available to you, too. Empower yourself!

Let’s start your ikigai journey.  Book your free discovery call with us today!

Karly & Chloé