Vita Wahid

Japan has been a great source of ikigai in my life. Having worked in Japan as an interpreter I developed a deep understanding of and appreciation for Japanese culture, philosophy and the Japanese way of living.



Living in Japan uncovered my ikigai - to help others find and express their authentic self. 

In my role as a coach, I often meet people (especially women in 20-40) who are experiencing an existential crisis. Is this you?


Being a woman in today’s world is tough because as women we engage in multiple roles; we have important roles in our family, the role and responsibility of building our career, and a role to live up to in society. With these roles comes the pressure to be someone else, perfect versions of ourselves, to meet the expectations of family, friends and society.

We are often encouraged not to be who we want to be, but instead pressured to meet the demands of those around us, often at the expense of our wellbeing and health. As we compromise our value standards we eventually reach a crossroads where we struggle to make sense of the world. We lose our ikigai and struggle to find what is meaningful and valuable.

With my own lived experience on these matters and my ikigai knowledge, I help women who are facing fear and uncertainty at these crossroads of life.  I can help you uncover what is meaningful and valuable to you and open your eyes to new possibilities to help you rethink and discover your ikigai to live a life with a sense of purpose.