Vladimirs Lazarevs

My career as a coach began in search of personal fulfillment by following my heart’s desire to help and guide people.



With a corporate background in finance and audit, I have developed a natural drive to pursue improvement and growth – a character trait I've been applying in my life and work with others. I can understand my clients' feelings, fears and struggles when a keen desire to gain more meaning, fulfilment and joy in life becomes too intolerable to neglect but the fear of change and frustrations still hold them back. My own experience in implementing life's changes sustainably and with consideration of one's well-being and heart's desires has helped me formulate an empathetic and practical approach to coaching.

I believe in passions and passions-based living and the value of self-realisation through self-expression and creativity by bringing these unique virtues into everything we do – our careers, relationships, and leisure. I can guide and support my clients towards the alignment with their true nature and values, creative self-expression, uncovering and pursuing their passions as a career and hobbies, improving their relationships, improving their mindset and ways of living that bring more joy and satisfaction into everyday living.

Applying the principles of Ikigai, other Western and Eastern well-being practices, and the wisdom from my own life-long experience in self-discovery, search and pursuit of my dormant passions, my ultimate purpose is to help my clients elevate their lives to the level of stable, lasting, and satisfying state of being full of meaning, purpose and fulfilment.