Ikigai Test

Take this Ikigai test and find out if what you know about ikigai is true or just a western interpretation.

In order to find your ikigai it would make sense to first understand what the word and concept means to Japanese. No doubt, you have come across the visual representation of ikigai in a blog post – the four circle Venn daigram ikigai framework.  You may have read one of several books, watched a TedTalk or documentary, attended a workshop, or even played the ikigai card game, but have you ever considered what ikigai really menas to the Japanese?

Ikigai Meaning

Ikigai is a compound of two root words: iki, meaning life and kai, meaning worth. Keep this in mind when answering each question.

Take the Ikigai Test

On completion fo the test you will be provided with a score and an explanation for each question.


How well do you understand Ikigai?


ikigai test


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